Wandering the world through the eyes of photos & films

Coco Avant Chanel (2009) ~

Check out this playlist before viewing the images to enjoy the exceptional music of the film composed by Alexandre Desplat.

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Rear Window (1954) ~

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Rear Window is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films-and one of my personal favorites of all time I have to say. It is no surprise that it’s considered to be the best ever written script of all times (it’s Hitchcock after all!)

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Amélie (2001) ~

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Amelie, or Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain is a wonderful French, romantic comedy film. It's director Jaeunette, did a wonderful job of framing the complexities of a young girl’s personality and how she views and understands the world.

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Manhattan (1979) ~

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Manhattan (1979), is one of the best Woody Allen films in my opinion. An old Woody Allen is always a good Woody Allen right?

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Stranger by the Lake (2013) ~


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Stranger by the Lake or L'incomnu du lac in French, is a 2013 French film directed by Alain Guiraudie and my second French film addition in my film diary!

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L.A. Story (1991) ~

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L.A. Story is a 1991 film directed by Mick Jackson. It is hard to categorise the genre of L.A. Story-I would describe it as a mix of comedy-romantic comedy-drama and fantasy film.

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Un Beau Dimanche (2013) ~

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Un Beau Dimanche, or Going Away in English is a 2013 drama/romantic comedy French film, the first French film I am writing about in my film diary; I have to admit, I have a love for French films, and even if the plot is not that exciting, or interesting, I can't help but feel connected with the characters, their lives, and the overall mood of the film. There are some French directors that manage to capture me in a sense; I am not sure whether it is their music, the direction, the way the actors play or the quotes, that I always feel that their characters have something mystical & unique that the viewer is called to unveil;I love how French films do not have expected endings and always leave the future to the imagination of each viewer-they make you in a sense, to participate in their characters' stories, become friends with them, to even become directors of the finale and write the rest of their story in our minds..

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Cashback (2006) ~

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Cashback is one of those excellent films (and one of my personal favorites) that I have to add to my diary. It’s one of those films that I don’t think that it’s for everyone. What I mean by that, it is that in order to connect, understand and get touched by its concepts you have to be an over-thinker; see life in a different way in a sense; I don’t really know from where to begin to explain the reasons why I love this film so much! (I think I might have seen it at least 4 times and each time I find myself pleasantly surprised – like it’s the first time I’m watching it again).

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The Words (2012) ~

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Life is all about making choices. Someone could argue that those choices define you; either way one knows he always has to live with them. The Words is one of those films… a story about a writer that has to forever live with a (wrong) choice he made. Will he be able to live with that choice? How is he going to survive with it? Is it easy for people to forget in order to keep living their “perfect” lives, or is living in a lie easier than living in reality? All of those questions are addressed in this great drama/mystery film starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana. The cinematography and direction are also excellent, so I have chosen some snapshots that do not include quotes; cause sometimes, pictures speak louder than words. 
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